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How to Enroll

List of required documents/Download documents


List of required documents


  • Certificate of graduation from the last school attended (Certificate of academic script)
  • Certificate of Japanese language study (150 hours or more)
  • Certificate of Japanese language proficiency level (JLPT, J-TEST, etc.)
  • Certificate of relationship between applicant and sponsor (family register, birth certificate, certificate of kinship, etc.)
  • Photo(data:300dpi or more / 4cmx3cm)
必要書類一覧 写真
More details for photo

Financial Sponsor

  • Balance Certificate(fixed term deposit recommended)
  • Financial supporter’s certificate of employment (or business license for sole proprietorship)
  • Income certificate of the sponsor (showing income for the past year)
  • Account activity statement(for one year)
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Certificate of residence (must include all family members)
  • Certificate of tax payment (for relatives living in Japan, for the past year)

In addition to the above, other documents may be required.