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School Introduction

General Japanese Course


Focus on Japanese language skills

The General Japanese Course focuses on improving conversational skills and aims to acquire presentation skills and self-expression skills.
The curriculum focuses on practicing conversation and presentations in Japanese.

General Japanese Course

Enrich the expression method with role play!

The goal is to acquire Japanese ability and self-expression ability that can handle various situations.
As a part of the lesson, we practice conversations in role play so that we learn how to naturally use Japanese throughout expressing own thoughts and playing as opponent opinion holder.

More training for communication in Japanese!

We aim to improve “communicative Japanese” by incorporating many opportunities to make presentations in front of classmates, interviews, speeches, and presentations.
It is important to improve well balanced Listening and Speaking skills; as such to accurately answer the questions like an interview, and to express what you would like to convey like a presentation.

Various teaching materials!

The general Japanese course uses various materials such as newspapers, novels, songs, manga, and videos.
You will improve your Japanese from formal expression in news and newspapers to casual expression in Manga and Anime by touching a wide range of medias.


Tuition fee

  First year (for the first 12 months) Second year (for from the 13th month to 24th month) Total
2 years ¥838,100 ¥761,100 ¥1,599,200
1 year and 9 months ¥838,100 ¥573,625 ¥1,411,725
1 year and 6 months ¥838,100 ¥377,150 ¥1,215,250
1 year and 3 months ¥838,100 ¥189,075 ¥1,027,175

All the fees are tax included.

If you need the Invitation VISA, there will be an additional cost.