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School Introduction

Private Lesson


What is Private Lesson?

This course offers one-on-one classes with a qualified instructor. Students are free to choose either face-to-face or online classes.
The level and content of textbooks can be arranged to meet the objectives and goals of each student, thus meeting a wide range of learner needs.

Class time:45 minutes / lesson(You can apply from 2 or more times)
Cost (including tax):5,000 yen / lesson
Admission fee: 5,500 yen (not required for current students)

※ Minimum booking: 2 periods in one day

Lesson Hours

Monday – Friday


プライベートレッスン 開講日時

※ Lesson hours are negotiable.


The purposes of our applicants are very varied.


  • Those who want to study, although it is difficult to go to school every day for professional reasons.
  • Those who have already acquired a general knowledge of Japanese, but want to become more fluent in Japanese.
  • Those who are concerned about preparing for the Japanese language exam and want to take an intensive session.
  • Those who want to improve their Japanese language skills while role-playing various situations.
プライベートレッスン 目的