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School Introduction

What we can to for SDGs

The SDGs in class

We have been producing more than 9,000 graduates from about 53 countries/regions. This diverse circumstance engages our students to discover and study different points of view in a topic. Students can be a representative of their countries/regions and present their cultures and measures for SDGs. Therefore, the students in JCLI can discuss and give presentations about the SDGs in Advanced level classes. Also, in other classes, the SDGs will be introduced as a topic to learn Japanese vocabulary and grammar structures.

We have some events to experience and develop ideas of SDGs so that we will be able to keep considering the 17 goals which we can do for our future.

New ideas from JCLI to our community

We will implement what we can do step by step.
Our first step is providing Japanese lessons for the students who have backgrounds in foreign countries/regions at Tokyo Metropolitan Asuka High School. We will expand this kind of network in our community and strongly connect and interact with people with foreign backgrounds.

Think of others more. Do what we can do for our future.
All teachers, staff and students of JCLI will work on the SDGs as a team.