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School Introduction

Short-Term Course


This curriculum is designed for those who already have a status of residence such as Working Holiday Visa, Dependent(Family stay) Visa, or Temporary Visitor Visa. We offer two courses according to your purpose.

Conversation Course 

Enjoy Japan through participatory classes

This course is designed for short-term residents who can enroll at any time and choose the length of their study. Classes are conducted in small groups, incorporating hands-on learning experiences, to develop the conversational skills necessary for living in Japan. Students are also able to freely participate in events held several times a month, allowing them to fully enjoy Japan while learning.


Regular fee

Long-term Discount

(8 weeks or more)

Long-term Discount

(12 weeks or more)

 Tuition (week)  ¥28,000  ¥27,000  ¥26,000
 Enrollment fee  ¥20,000  ¥20,000  ¥20,000
Expence for materials  ¥3,000  ¥3,000  ¥3,000

※ All prices listed include tax.

3-month Course

Systematic Japanese language study in the same classes as international students

This course is designed for those who can stay for 3 months, such as those who want to prepare for future study abroad and those who want to learn Japanese systematically. Students can learn Japanese in the same class as international students. Students take a placement test at the time of enrollment and are placed in a class appropriate to their academic ability.

  Tuition Expense for materials Facility expense Total
1 month ¥66,000 ¥3,666 ¥1,834 ¥71,500
2 months ¥132,000 ¥7,333 ¥3,667 ¥143,000
3 months ¥198,000 ¥10,999 ¥5,501 ¥214,500

※ All prices listed include tax.

※ If an invitation visa is required, an additional fee will be charged.