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School Introduction

Message from the President

With “Harmony and playful mind”, we develop each student’s potential.

We, JCLI Japanese Language School, for more than 40 years since we established in 1980, have been implementing Japanese language education with “Harmony and playful mind”. ”Harmony” here means well-balanced and authentic culture as known as a characteristic of Japanese people.We provide some opportunities to experience Japanese traditional culture in class so that students find “FUN” in learning Japanese. Also, our goal is that we engage our students to have “FUN” and become a big “FAN” of Japan throughout our lessons.

We always focus on understanding and respecting each student’s identity. The staff and teachers cooperate to understand the students and their situations well, and accompany each students to realize ther dreams and goals. Furthermore, we organize four different courses of Japanese so that students choose depending on their individual goals. This firmly allows us to support our students to go on to the next stage, from higher education to employment in Japan.

Throughout Japanese language education, we believe that we can foster our students to obtain eyes to look the world from various points of view and their potential to grow themselves infinitely. Also, we produce important human resources who say “YES” to themselves to play an active part all over the world.

We consider both traditional and latest education strategy. All of the students, teachers, and staff cooperate and share their developments as well as always think of our future to evolve ourselves.

As a Japanese language school that meets any expectation from both our community and the society, we, JCLI Japanese Language school, keep our step forward.

11th January 2022

President of JCLI Japanese Language School Kazuhiko ASAHI