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I realized that I really like music. I appriciate for teachers who advised me to moving on no matter what.


Interviewed on 4th November 2021

ーCongratulations on your offer of a position at Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing.
The purpose of this series of interviews is to provide guidance to JCLI students and prospective students when they are unsure about their future plans for study or career. As the first in a series, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for coming today.

ーWhat motivated you to study in Japan?

 When I was a high school student, I was watching a video about a Japanese game on a video site, and I was very interested by the storyline and the character’s personality. And I wondered if this was the Japanese way of life, and if that was how Japanese people interacted with each other. That’s how I became interested in Japan.

However, I’ve never played that game…

 Also, when I was at university, I organized a Japanese cultural event with Japanese students from the same university. Through this experience I was able to deepen my understanding of Japanese culture. As I was growing up, I wondered about what kind of lifestyle would suit me best and where I would like to go, it was Japan.

ーThere are many Japanese language schools in Japan, but why did you decide to study at JCLI?

There are two reasons.

The first reason is that I wanted to find a Japanese language school in Tokyo.
The other reason is that I was very attracted by the multinational atmosphere of JCLI.

ーWere you thinking of getting a job when you came here?

Yes, I was thinking about it. At first I thought about both going to school and finding a job. As time went on, my desire to find a job became stronger and stronger.

ーDid you spend all your time studying?

No, I was in a business Japanese class and I wanted to learn about business quickly. When I talked to Nagai-sensei about this, she advised me to try a part-time job first, so that I could see things differently, and I immediately went for an interview.

ーImmediately!? You act so quick! What kind of place did you work as part-time?

My part-time job was at a curry shop. I thought it would be a good way to see Japan from the inside, so I took the challenge.

ーIt was through these activities that you began to see some aspects of Japanese society. After that, how did you decide which industry to work in?

There are so many things I like, and it was really hard to decide. I can code python, I like video production and editing, as well as martial arts… But as I talked to Tsuji-sensei, I gradually realized that what I liked most was music, and the piano.

ーSpeaking of piano, I heard that you play the street piano in Akabane. Please tell us about it.

There’s a place in Akabane called Akabane METS. There was a street piano in front of it. It was a piano that anyone could play for free, and I used to play there. When I was playing it, I noticed that the sound of this piano was strange.

One day, when I went to play the piano, I happened to meet the owner of the piano and we became friends. I got in touch with the owner via social media and told him that the piano was not sounding right and that I could tune it myself and would be happy to do it. The owner was delighted and I went to tune the piano immediately the next day.

ーThat’s a good thing you did. Did you do as a volunteer?

Yes, I volunteered. I was very happy too. Because the piano is outside, the temperature, the humidity and the weather tend to make it go out of tune. So now the sound is out of tune again…

So you decided that you would like to work for a music or piano company? How many companies did you apply to when you decided to work in Japan?

Only one company, Kawai Gakki Seisakusho.

ーMr Xu, you started at JCLI in January 2021, when did you start looking for a job?

Around June, I think. I think I started a bit later than Japanese students. I was surprised when I asked my Japanese friends later and they told me that most of them had already decided a year before.

ーWhat was the most memorable part of the interview?

My previous interviews were online, but the final interview was a face-to-face interview. It was my first face-to-face interview, and I couldn’t express my feelings very well, so I was very shy. So, I felt frustrated all the way until I received the result.

After the final interview, I was contacted again and told that I would have another interview, this time in Chinese and English. I was very happy because I didn’t think I would get another chance to have an interview after the final interview.

ーFinally, what is your most memorable experience at JCLI?

The most memorable thing is that I had many teachers who helped me so much during my job hunting. I had Saito-sensei read my entry sheet many times. Kasuya-sensei taught me how to tie my tie and now I can tie it so neatly (he showed me a picture of it). When I bought a suit, Tsuji-sensei saw that I hadn’t hemmed it, so she hemmed it for me. I was very happy that everyone supported me in my job hunting.

ーWe are delighted to have been able to help Mr Xu with his job search.

Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to us today.

We wish you all the best in your new job at Kawai Musical Instruments.